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Nicole Van Croft was born in November 1973 in Jacksonville, Florida. She is an ambitious young woman who can do anything just to be noticed. She has won the Playboy Playmate of the month of October 2000.  She explains how it feels like to pose nude and all she had to say was that she was not uncomfortable in the slightest way. She says that she is comfortable because the photographer is a distance away and that he is very professional. Many people would ask her if it was weird to pose nude in front of a camera, and she says that there is nothing weird since everything is done professionally.

nichole van croft

She attributes her success to her friends whom she says were very encouraging especially during the initial stages when she first joined Playboy. If you are out there and want to see some of Nicole Van Croft’s unpublished photos from her Playmate pictorial, you have to join the Playboy Cyber Club. She advices those women who want to pose for Playmate that they will have to wait for the Playmate to pick them because, as she said, she does not believe on the try, try philosophy. She further says that no one should force things to work according to the way they like. She says that if you are not picked, it does not mean that you are not pretty; it is only that you do not have what Playboy wanted.

nichole van croft

Since she joined Playboy, she has traveled around the USA attending autograph sessions and have had an opportunity to meet with musicians and celebrities at parties at Mansion. Nicole Van Croft enjoys what she does and if she has not joined the Playboy, she would not have gotten the chance to meet with these great people who shape the lives of many.

nichole van croft

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